CBS Developing Comedy For Jim Gaffigan

The bald, blind, and pale Jim Gaffigan may be one giant recessive gene, but in the eyes of CBS that doesn’t make him any less worthy of his own show. This week, the network has ordered a pilot for a new comedy starring the stand-up comedian. The show is by Gaffigan and Peter Tolan, and will feature Gaffigan as a happily married father of five (just as in real life) living in a two-bedroom apartment in New York. It will be a single-camera comedy.

With How I Met Your Mother only around for one more year and Two And A Half Men likely nearing the end of its tenure on CBS, the network will definitely need some quality new shows in the next couple of years and it looks like they are hoping that Gaffigan can deliver.

Usually when comedians are going to do their own show, it does very little to excite me, but considering the success of Louie and how I enjoy Gaffigan’s stand-up even more than Louis C.K.’s I’m fairly optimistic about this show. While successful stand-up doesn’t necessarily relate to a successful television show, Gaffigan has also been great in the majority of his film roles, especially shining as Phil in Going The Distance.

Of course, if the first few episodes aren’t great, they can always have a holiday traditions episode, or one where he just eats Hot Pockets. If all else fails maybe they’ll switch up the plot to actually be a show about a guy with a polar bear for a parent.

What do you think? Can Jim Gaffigan deliver and give CBS something with which they can fill the gap left by How I Met Your Mother? Let us know what you think in the comments below.