CBS Reportedly Considering Captain Janeway Star Trek Show

Star Trek Voyager

This past weekend’s New York Comic Con brought some big news for Star Trek fans, as Kate Mulgrew is returning to voice Kathryn Janeway in upcoming Nickelodeon animated series Star Trek: Prodigy. This is huge, as it’s the first time the Voyager star has returned to the franchise since that show ended in 2001. But it might not be the last time, as CBS appears to be considering bringing her back in live-action, too.

Insider Daniel Richtman has posted over on his Patreon account that there are talks to get Mulgrew back on board in the flesh to star in her own live-action series featuring an older Janeway. That’s all that he was able to reveal, but it’s worth paying attention to as it corroborates We Got This Covered’s own scoop from back in April. At the time, we reported that the network was eager to give the character her own spinoff.

From what we were told, Janeway will cameo on a future season of Picard before being launched off into her own show. We don’t know if that’s still the plan, especially now that Mulgrew’s already back and voicing her iconic role in Prodigy, but regardless, it seems CBS has more in the works for her.

Star Trek Voyager

It’s hard to say what form a Janeway spinoff could take until we get some further details on her part in Prodigy, as we don’t even currently know when exactly in the Trek timeline it’s set. But a live-action show would likely take place concurrently with Picard, and it would be fascinating to see how Janeway fares in the darker version of the galaxy depicted in Patrick Stewart’s series.

This potential project is still clearly in the early stages, but with Paramount/CBS wanting to keep on expanding Star Trek in new ways, it could easily happen at some point in the next few years. In any case, we’ll keep you posted on Janeway’s future in the franchise as we learn more.