CBS Reportedly Wants Michael And Picard To Team Up In Future Star Trek Project


The current two leads of the Star Trek franchise are Discovery‘s Sonequa Martin-Green and the one and only Sir Patrick Stewart, thanks to his return to the fold in Picard. Soon, something of a trinity will be formed with Anson Mount’s Christopher Pike when Strange New Worlds debuts, but for now, the saga has two captains at its helm. And it’s possible that CBS has plans for the Starfleet legends to come face to face.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us SNW was happening before that was made official – the network wants to have Michael Burnham and Jean-Luc Picard team up in a future Trek project. It’s currently unclear where exactly this would occur, but we’ve been informed that they definitely have hopes of getting these two characters together and crossing over Discovery and Picard.

This appears to be a separate endeavor from the long-gestating major crossover event miniseries that’s been in the works for a while now, something that’s being described as a Trek version of a Marvel-like team-up. This show would use time travel to unite the casts of DISPICSNW and Michelle Yeoh’s Section 31 spinoff. Presumably, time travel would also be employed to have Burnham and Picard cross paths, too.

A Discovery movie is likewise believed to be in the works, in addition to its fourth season – which is just about to wrap up shooting in June – and the already-commissioned fifth. Picard, meanwhile, is knee-deep into production on its second run, after a long COVID-19-related delay held it up last year. Expect Discovery season 4 to debut on Paramount Plus later on in 2021, before Picard season 2 follows in early 2022.

Don’t forget, we’re also getting a new Star Trek series every quarter of the year from now on. Which means that the future is very bright for Trekkies.