CBS Reportedly Planning A Defenders-Style Star Trek Crossover Show

Star Trek: Picard

We were starved there for a while, but we’re currently being well-fed when it comes to Star Trek TV series. Discovery kicked off this new era of Trek on television, with Picard recently joining it. There’s also a Section 31 spinoff for Michelle Yeoh’s Georgiou officially in the works as well, with more being kept under wraps for now. Soon, we could be about to have more Trek shows on at the same time than ever before.

And it sounds like CBS is hoping to capitalize on that. Sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who said Discovery had been renewed for a fifth season and a Captain Pike spinoff is in the works, both of which have since been confirmed by The GWW – say that the network wants to do a big crossover series modeled after Marvel and Netflix’s The Defenders. As you’d imagine, it would bring together characters from Discovery, PicardSection 31 and the aforementioned Pike show.

Obviously, all of these series would be stretched across the Trek timeline, but we’ve heard that time travel will be used to bring everyone together. Exact plot details remain vague at the moment, of course, but apparently they’d all have to work alongside one another to fight some common foe. It’s also unclear which characters would be involved, but we presume the main players from each of the aforementioned shows would feature.

It’s still early days yet for this proposed spinoff series, but what we’re hearing certainly adds up with what ViacomCBS has previously revealed they’ve got planned for the franchise, following their merger. Company chief Bob Bakish noted back in September that they were looking to Marvel Studios for inspiration on how to expand Star Trek going forward, with a particular emphasis on cross-platform interconnectivity and a skewering towards younger audiences.

Again, this crossover would be a while away, as those two other series need to get going first, but we can apparently expect a Star Trek version of the Defenders on our screens in a few years’ time.