Chaos Comes For All In Latest Teasers For Game Of Thrones Season 6



House Lannister. House Stark. House Targaryen. Three of the oldest and most powerful dynasties in all of Westeros, lie on the brink of ruin in today’s brooding new teasers for Game of Thrones season 6.

Coming by way of the show’s official Twitter page, fans were encouraged to swear allegiance to their family of choice by Tweeting out the corresponding hashtag. Should you have sided with House Stark (Winter is Coming) then you’ll have seen a fleeting clip showcasing the bitter-cold North, one which features a voiceover from the devious Ramsay Bolton declaring Winterfell as his own.

House Lannister (Hear Me Roar), meanwhile, is a similar story, with Jonathan Pryce’s blood-thirsty High Sparrow eyeing the chance to overthrown an entire empire, likely King’s Landing. Finally, Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen is giving a stern warning in the final teaser for today, with a voice whispering in what we assume to be the native tongue of Meereen branding her as the ‘Queen of Nothing.’ Thankfully, HBO has published each of the three clips for you to pour over, and you can check out the collection of dark and ominous teasers below.

Chaos and ruination comes to all regardless of family name when Game of Thrones season 6 returns to HBO on April 24. For now, you can whet your appetite by checking out today’s teasers, hot off the presses.

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