Character Breakdowns For Marvel’s The Inhumans Confirm Presence Of Fan-Favorite Heroes


A recent report shed some light on when The Inhumans will start shooting, and now some character breakdowns have surfaced which reveal the seven key members of the royal family we can expect to see receive the spotlight in the highly anticipated series from Marvel, ABC and IMAX.

In the video above, you can hear the first details about Black Bolt, Medusa, Maximus, Karnak, Gorgon, Crystal and Triton, and there aren’t too many surprises here as they all sound very similar to their comic book counterparts (which is obviously not a bad thing). However, there is one pretty interesting wrinkle that we’d like to note.


Triton is the only character not listed as a series regular. Why that is is hard to say, but it could be that he gets killed off relatively soon, or that his amphibious appearance makes him too expensive to have in every episode. However, with IMAX spending a lot of money on The Inhumans, that doesn’t seem very likely. Also interesting is that Lockjaw doesn’t get a mention, but as the giant teleporting dog doesn’t really speak, it’s not like he’s a character who has to be cast, as he’ll likely be a fully CG creation.

With any luck, all this recent news about The Inhumans means that casting updates are on the way sooner rather than later. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and once we have something to share, we’ll be sure to do so.