Charlie Cox Names “Born Again” Among His All-Time Favorite Daredevil Comics


The 2018 Las Vegas Comic-Con has yielded a ton of Marvel intel from Charlie Cox – intel relating to The Defenders, Spider-Man, Kingpin and how his early days spent researching the role of Daredevil almost led to a bizarre misunderstanding.

All of this information has been funneled through Collider, though it wasn’t long before the outlet quizzed Cox about his all-time favorite Daredevil comics, which, unsurprisingly, includes a shout-out to Frank Miller’s “Born Again,” the series on which the show’s third season is based.

Further details on Daredevil season 3’s plot remain locked away in the Netflix vaults, but it seems pretty clear that it’ll revolve around Matt Murdock as he struggles to overcome his near-death experience from The Defenders finale. He’ll be a broken shell of his former self, then, and while Cox refused to be drawn on any story specifics, he did name-drop his all-time favorite comics involving the Man Without Fear.

I think the [Brian Michael] Bendis [and Alex] Maleev stuff is the hardest to beat, tonally, when it comes to this show. There’s been a number of really great runs that I’ve enjoyed immensely that I’ve used. I often go back to the (Ed) Brubaker (and Michael) Lark stuff, I thought that was really, really fun, and the colors in that are great and the storyline’s fantastic. Obviously, I mention ‘Guardian Devil’ and, of course, Joe Quesada is very closely affiliated with the show, so that’s really helpful, to have him as a resource. And also, I’d be remiss to not mention Frank Miller, ya know? ‘Born Again’ is just so special.

Speculation is rife that Matt Murdock will be going up against Bullseye at some point during Daredevil season 3, which ought to make for a pretty engrossing story what with the appearance of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk.

Cox continued:

At the beginning of every season, when I’m getting ready to start shooting and I wanna just dip back in and just re-read some of my favorite stuff, it tends to be the Bendis/Maleev stuff.

Season 3 of Marvel’s Daredevil series is expected to drop via Netflix sometime this year.