Tom Hiddleston And Charlie Cox Just Won Halloween With Their Marvel Costumes


Everyone, stop what you’re doing right now. The night’s not even begun yet but Charlie Cox and Tom Hiddleston have already won Halloween with this epic Marvel-themed costume swap.

The two British actors are currently starring together in the stage play Betrayal on Broadway. And for the showing last night, Cox and Hiddleston decided to greet their fans afterwards wearing outfits inspired by each other’s MCU character – so Cox went as Loki while Hiddleston cosplayed as Daredevil.

Betrayal was already a must-see for Manhattan-based Marvel lovers given that it features Cox and Hiddleston sharing a stage  and Daredevil and Loki are unlikely to ever cross paths in the MCU. But the fact that the two went to this extent to treat the fans who’d come to see them is both hilarious and extra special. Just see for yourself in the gallery down below.

Hiddleston will, of course, next be seen in the franchise in the upcoming Loki Disney Plus series, due to shoot next year ahead of its release in 2021. The show will follow the God of Mischief after his fate was changed in the alternate timeline of Avengers: Endgame. Expect him to cause havoc throughout Earth’s history.

Tragically, Daredevil was cancelled by Netflix about a year ago but fans are campaigning hard to save it. In fact, Hiddleston himself lent his support to the movement at an earlier showing of Betrayal. It’s early days, but the signs are positive that Cox will get to return as the Man Without Fear in some form in the MCU. The show could even be renewed on D+. So maybe Loki and Daredevil may meet in the Marvel universe, after all?