Daredevil Series With Charlie Cox Rumored To Return On Hulu


Since it was confirmed that Daredevil will not be returning for a fourth season on Netflix, fans have been clamouring for news of a revival elsewhere. There’ve been rumours that Charlie Cox’s Man Without Fear could return in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, but the latest reports suggest that the possibility of a TV comeback is still on the table.

According to notable leaker Mikey Sutton, Marvel and Disney are considering creating a Daredevil show for Hulu. He claims that this won’t be a direct continuation of the Netflix series, but a soft reboot of sorts with Cox reprising his role.

The screen rights to Matt Murdock and his crimson-clad alter ego were thought to have returned to Marvel sooner than expected, paving the way for the studio to integrate him into the MCU. Sutton’s sources, however, claim that this is not the case but are adamant that Hulu is still the preferred destination for the character’s next outing, rather than the big screen.

Furthermore, the new show will apparently be backed by a larger budget than the Netflix series, though not to the same degree as the upcoming Disney+ Marvel productions, and Cox might not be the only cast member to reprise his role. Moreover, Sutton says he’s received word of potential MCU cameos, including a possible guest appearance by Nick Fury.

Of course, this should all be taken with a grain of salt for now, and it does seem to clash with a lot of what’s already been reported, but if the Daredevil revival does get off the ground at Hulu, it could lead to other exciting projects further down the line, as Sutton’s source went on to say that Marvel is considering teaming the Man Without Fear up with other characters such as Moon Knight to form an on-screen version of the Midnight Sons, a rag tag group of supernatural heroes in the Marvel Comics universe.

Assuming Sutton’s claim that Marvel has not yet reclaimed the rights to Daredevil is correct – and for what it’s worth, multiple outlets have already reported that the rights might’ve reverted early – don’t expect an official update on these projects until a deal has been thrashed out. But either way, we’ll be sure to keep you updated if anything should change.