Check Out The First Promo For The Big Bang Theory Season 6

Critical accolades, staggeringly wide syndication and nearly universal love, The Big Bang Theory is by far the biggest sitcom around today. With five strong seasons under its high-wasted belt, the CBS comedy will head into its sixth season where things will have changed significantly for our loveable band of geeks. With a late September premier looming, we’ve received a promo hinting at things to come.

For those of you people “too cool” to have caught up with what transpired towards the end of season five, let me catch you up. Howard is in space (and married), Leonard and Penny are moving deeper into their “beta test” relationship and Sheldon is getting more intimate (as intimate as Sheldon can get that is) with Amy.

This Big Bang Theory promo shows Howard “just an engineer” Wolowitz in space partaking in an embarrassing conversation with his mother (like there is any other kind) and hints that either Sheldon and Amy may either suffer a breakup or find themselves taking their relationship even closer to, you know, normal levels.

The Big Bang Theory remains great entertainment even after 100 episodes, it’s also infinitely re-watchable. The promo doesn’t give us much in terms of substantive content, but the show has barely stumbled thus far and I will of course optimistically look forward to a great sixth season.

The Big Bang Theory premiers on CBS September 27.

(Source: EW)