Child’s Play TV Series Will Finally Settle A Big Chucky Debate

Cult of Chucky

The Chucky series from Don Mancini is gradually picking up steam, with the show taking place in the original Child’s Play continuity for the franchise. The SyFy series has been in the works for some time, and Mancini has recently been giving out hints as to what the program will involve. With Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly reprising their parts, Mancini is promising a return to the scares of the 1988 Child’s Play, albeit without disposing of the series’ more comedic elements. One question that the show will also answer though, according to Mancini, is whether Chucky actually needs to sleep or not.

Granted, the story logic of the Child’s Play series does start to fall down if you look at it too closely, but Mancini has playfully suggested that the show will address Chucky’s sleeping habits, posting as so on Twitter:


OK, so maybe this isn’t something that a lot of fans have been wondering about, but it’ll be fun to see how a long-form Child’s Play series deals with practical issues that the standalone films didn’t have to explain. This broader scope for the story might also encourage a more detailed look at the voodoo behind Chucky’s powers, as well as the film series’ increasingly complex ways of handling the doll’s soul transfers, which came to a head in Cult of Chucky a few years ago.

In terms of plot, Chucky will explore the mayhem caused when a vintage Good Guys doll shows up in a small American town, and will bring in various characters from the movie series. The lead will be in middle-school and will reportedly also be gay, reinforcing the Child’s Play franchise’s long-established progressive LGBT themes. We’ll also be getting more of Charles Lee Ray’s backstory before his death, something that was also a key plot point in Curse of Chucky.

We don’t quite know when SyFy will be putting out Chucky, although with the current COVID-19 situation delaying production schedules, it’s likely that a premiere won’t be until 2021. In the meantime, we’ll continue following the development of the series with interest as more details emerge.