Chucky Fans Are Going Crazy For The New Trailer


The first trailer for Chucky, the TV series continuing the Child’s Play franchise, has hit the internet, and fans are predictably overjoyed at the reminder that their favorite serial killer with his soul transferred via voodoo ritual into the body of a doll will be returning to wreak more havoc.

The trailer itself is barely thirty seconds long and contains no new information or footage that will actually feature in the show, but the reaction to it was nevertheless a highly positive one, with excited Twitter comments making this clear.

Like many productions right now, development of Chucky has stagnated due to the state of the world being so screwed that breathing in close proximity to others can be fatal (side note: how long do you think it’ll take for a horror movie to appear with a protagonist named Rona who has been cursed with deadly breath?). However, the trailer’s existence is a likely indicator that work will soon be resuming, as there would be little purpose in drawing people’s attention towards a project where nothing was continuing to happen.

It’s not entirely clear what kind of tone the show will be aiming for, as the movie series has oscillated from a straight slasher to horror comedy and back again over the course of its run. The central concept of Child’s Play is so inherently preposterous that some funny moments can’t help but come through regardless of intent, but either way, given what we’ve heard so far about Don Mancini’s plans for the series, it’ll be a riot regardless.

Personally, I’m even more psyched for the Chucky TV series than I was yesterday, and I, like those excitable fans, can’t wait to see what improvised death lunacy is in store for us and hear Brad Dourif’s iconic gleeful cackle at the execution of every example of it.