Watch: An Old Friend Returns In First Chucky Trailer


It’s been a quiet few months for the Child’s Play television series, currently titled Chucky, which will eventually air on Syfy. Franchise creator Don Mancini has been teasing the project for some time, though, from the show’s return to the more horrific elements of Child’s Play to whether it’ll resolve some long-standing questions about Chucky. Now, however, we finally have something to feast on, as the first promo has been released.

Teasing the return of an old friend, this new outing for the franchise will be distinct from the recent Child’s Play reboot, with Mancini implying in an interview back in May that the show will both introduce new characters and bring back old ones. Although not much is revealed in this first look at it, the footage does an effective job of conveying a creepy and sinister tone while whetting our appetites for something more substantial.

Of course, Mancini has been the main writer on the seven Child’s Play movies released between the 1988 original and 2017’s Cult of Chucky. Furthermore, he’s directed the last three entries in the franchise, which by Cult had taken on some pretty wild ideas about its mythology. We know that this new series will bring back Brad Dourif as Chucky, and will follow the carnage in a small town after a Good Guy doll appears in a suburban yard sale.

It will also apparently delve into Charles Lee Ray’s backstory before becoming a killer and eventual murderous doll, something that was also touched upon in the most recent run of movies. In any case, it seems that fans of the Child’s Play franchise will have a lot to dig their teeth into when Chucky arrives on Syfy. For now, though, we’re hoping that this promo is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing material, as it’s certainly got us eager to see more.