Chucky Will Be Able To Swear In Child’s Play TV Series


As MGM prepares to bring a new Chucky to the big screen with the upcoming Child’s Play reboot, franchise creator Don Mancini and peers are at work on a TV show that continues in the original continuity of the property. And if you need further assurance that we’ll be getting the same demonic doll that left a trail of victims through seven movies over the course of two decades, we now have confirmation that Chucky will still be able to swear once he makes the jump to Syfy.

The announcement comes to us from executive producer Nick Antosca, who cleared up any uncertainty last night with a quick tweet:

“(Yes, Chucky can say ‘fuck’ on Syfy.)”

It may not be the most surprising of news, but it’s still nice to get some clarification that the character famously portrayed by Brad Dourif won’t be toned down for his transition to television.

Of course, bad language is one thing, but the fans are also anticipating that Chucky will be able to get away with far worse than a few naughty words in the new series, and with Mancini serving as showrunner, we can hopefully expect the gruesome spectacle of the movies to be maintained for the TV show. Indeed, NBCU Cable Entertainment’s President of Scripted Content Bill McGoldrick was reported as saying just yesterday that he looks forward to seeing Mancini, Antosca, and producer David Kirschner put their “blood, sweat, and more blood into bringing the Chucky story to television,” suggesting that the boss is down for a little gore.

In any case, though it could be a while before the Chucky TV series makes its way to screens, it’s already clear that the project is in much better standing with longterm fans than the Child’s Play movie reboot, which will be hoping to win over naysayers when it arrives in theaters on June 21st, 2019.

Source: Twitter