Watch: Mace Windu And Obi-Wan Lead An Attack In New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Clip

The Clone Wars

Here’s a new Star Wars clip for you all. That’s a suitably grandiose way to introduce it, right?

We’re currently three episodes into the seventh and final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Episode four, titled “Unfinished Business,” is set to be released on Disney Plus this Friday 13th. Would you like to see a clip from it? I don’t care if you don’t, because a clip of “Unfinished Business” has been provided in the box above whether you want to see it or not. Though if you don’t, quite why you’re still reading this is a mystery to me.

Obviously, this isn’t news to anyone who watches The Clone Wars, but seeing as I don’t and I’ve got some time to fill, my first superfluous observation is as follows. That is definitely not Samuel L Jackson’s voice. That’s no disservice to the actor playing his character, though. After all, who could ever sustain an imitation of Sam for more than a 2-minute skit? Answer: no one. Hence the entirely appropriate decision to voice him in a completely different way. But man, talk about big boots to fill.

My second superfluous observation is… no, it’s not “That is definitely not Ewan McGregor’s voice.” I’ve got more to say than just ticking off a TV show for not having the pulling power of its much bigger movie brother. My second observation is… … Fine. It was going to be about Obi Wan Kenobi’s voice. American actor James Arnold Taylor doing an impersonation of Scottish actor Ewan McGregor doing an impersonation of English actor Alec Guinness. That’s a glorious thing to behold. Better still, his performance suggests every one of those geographical contortions. It almost makes me want to watch the show. Almost.

As I said above, catch episode four of Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 this Friday on D+. The home of the clones.