Two New Clips From The Flash Offer “Mixed Signals”


Aside from us learning that “this house is bitchin’,” last week’s season premiere of The Flash kicked off things in style by bringing back a faster than ever Barry Allen (new costume and all), and by introducing us to the Thinker, who looks more terrifying than one would imagine someone going by that name to be.

Still, spending so much time in the Speed Force would take its toll on anybody. And even though Barry and Iris are set to wed in the very near future, they’ve found it best to attend couples therapy. After all, the time apart had to affect them both greatly.

In the first of two sneak peeks we have to offer you today, we join them in what we assume to be their first session. And despite the fact that they’ve endured much tragedy in the past few years, a bit of a comedic spin is put on it. Really, when it’s all laid out like this, it puts into perspective how high the body count has been.

As for the second clip, we see Barry getting back to his day job as a CSI, though this case most likely ties in to whatever mess Team Flash will have to clean up this week. Actually, that’s probably true since Cisco is being brought in to consult. From what we can tell, all signs point toward this leading to the introduction of Kilg%re, but there’s still a decent chance that the Thinker is also involved. Time will tell.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.