Colton Haynes Reveals When Arrow Season 7 Begins Filming


To date, Arrow has brought us its share of memorable characters such as Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke, Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance and, don’t forget, even Grant Gustin got his start there as Barry Allen! Yep, there’s a very good reason why it spawned what we now refer to as “the Arrowverse.”

But whether one’s putting together a short or long list of those to have made an impression on viewers, you’d be remiss if not to include Roy Harper. Played by fan favorite Colton Haynes, this young man debuted all the way back in season 1 before blossoming into the hero known as Arsenal. Of course, he did bounce after season 3, but he’s resurfaced for some guest shots here and there in the time since.

So, now that we know Haynes is returning as a series regular for season 7, there’s one huge reason to get geeked for the coming year. After all, it very much looks like fate is allowing for the original band to get back together.

After looking over The CW’s fall premiere schedule, it stands to reason that the cast and crew are going to to need ample lead-in time in order to properly assemble their October debut and the other episodes to follow. And as it turns out, Colton casually confirmed in a recent Twitter post that the production timeline established by previous seasons will still ring true this time around:

“I still have no idea how some ppl can cope with jetlag. I’m basically a 2 yr old haha. But I’m excited to see y’all back in Paris on July 7th for my first convention in a loooong time! Then I go right back filming #Arrow I’m so excited!”

Considering how Arrow‘s San Diego Comic-Con panel won’t take place until Saturday, July 21st, it’s a solid bet that some new footage will be shown at the event. This may mean the folks in the editing department will be working overtime to make that happen, but it’s something we’ve come to expect seeing each summer.

Arrow returns for its seventh season on Monday, October 15 on The CW.

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