Comedy Central Renews South Park

For those of you who thought that South Park may be going somewhere once it finished up its fifteenth season, think again. The show has been renewed through 2013, giving us at least two more years of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s comedic gem.

This news is rather surprising, especially since most saw the mid-season finale “You’re Getting Old” as a sign that things were coming to a close for the show. Turns out that isn’t the case though and South Park will continue on and reach, at least, a seventeenth season. That’s pretty impressive and it’s great news for fans of the show.

Despite Trey and Matt’s success with their Broadway play The Book of Mormon, they haven’t forgotten about Kenny, Stan, Kyle and Cartman and fans can look forward to a couple more years of what is undoubtedly one of television’s funniest shows.

The ability to be able to produce an episode practically overnight has definitely been a major factor in the show’s success, allowing Trey and Matt to tackle current issues right as they’re happening.

South Park is always relative and consistently funny, which is why it has survived for so long. Let’s hope that the next few seasons continue on with the high quality writing that the show has come to be known for.

South Park returns with seven new episodes on October 5th.