Comic-Con: First Trailer For Season 5 Of The Walking Dead


After Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and most of the other main characters on AMC’s zombie-apocalypse smash hit The Walking Dead ended season 4 trapped inside a train car by the nefarious, possibly cannibalistic residents of Terminus, there was a collective scream of excitement and frustration from fans worldwide – excitement at the craziness of the cliffhanger and frustration at the realization that it would be a long seven months until that cliffhanger was resolved. This three-minute first trailer for season 5, unveiled at Comic-Con, will have to tide viewers over for a little while.

What does it tell us? A whole lot, surprisingly. The season 5 premiere kicks off almost immediately after the end of season 4 finale “A,” and Rick doesn’t stay in that train car for long. Fans can look forward to watching the mysteries of Terminus be resolved (that cannibal theory is looking pretty believable right about now) and seeing the main characters travel to Washington, D.C. in hopes of getting Eugene (Josh McDermitt) to a place where he can create a cure for the zombie epidemic.

Of course, it’s not all smooth sailing – Gareth (Andrew J. West), the cold leader of Terminus, seems none too happy to be working with Rick’s group. We even see him raise a sword behind fan favorite Glenn’s (Steve Yeun) head, which doesn’t bode too well for the character given what rumors we’ve heard about who’s kicking the bucket this season. There are also scores of ravenous zombies, giant explosions, furious gunfights and angry confrontations – in other words, it’s business as usual for this show.

Said showrunner Scott Gimple at the panel:

“When they lost the prison, once they lost Hershel, all bets were off. I think they found out that you can’t come back from the things you’ve done. You have to live with them. But the things you’ve done make you incredibly formidable. Everyone who is alive has done unspeakable things. Who do they become? What are they going to be? This season will define who they become.”

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 12th at 9 p.m.