Community Creator Dan Harmon Believes Spinoff Movie Is Inevitable


With six seasons under its belt across various networks, series creator Dan Harmon now believes that a Community spinoff movie is inevitable.

Word comes by way of Polygon, who quizzed Harmon about the immediate future of Greendale Community College. We know that, in a world where the likes of Veronica Mars can stage a comeback, the scribe-cum-director refuses to rule out a spinoff movie based on Jeff, Abed, Annie and the rest of the crew.

And here, Harmon revealed that everyone is firmly on board for a fully-fledged feature film.

“We live in a world where Veronica Mars happened because fans were excited about it. The Community fans have riled for this movie. The cast wants to do the movie. I want to do the movie. It’s going to inevitably happen.

“The most important thing is the planning. And those types of meetings happen in backrooms with executives who think there’s something they can capitalize on. We’re not invited to these meetings. Before you know it, it’s happening and you’re on set.”

Further in the piece, Harmon noted that he’s unlikely to make a return to broadcast television, a decision that stems from his spotty track record with the likes of NBC. Much of that can be traced back to the tail-end of Community season 4, when Harmon had an alleged altercation with series stalwart Chevy Chase, resulting in a scenario where Chase was let go and Harmon returned at the helm for the fifth season.

Following a largely underwhelming sixth season at Yahoo!, the future of Community appears to lie on the big screen. But do you think the dormant property will eventually fulfil its six-seasons-and-a-movie promise?