Gorgeous Sonic Prime Concept Art Teases Netflix’s New Animated Series

Sonic The Hedgehog

Netflix clearly has no issue with giving the green light to animated shows based on properties they don’t hold the live-action rights to, and one of the many titles in development alongside the likes of Tomb Raider, Kong: Skull Island, Terminator, Godzilla and more is Sonic Prime, which was first announced earlier this year.

While the series isn’t expected to premiere until 2022, the first concept art has already been revealed online. There’s no word on whether or not it’ll be completely reflective of the final product, but it’s enough of a tease to generate excitement among fans given that it features plenty of eye-popping locations, splashy visuals and longtime favorite characters, which you can check out below.

The Sonic business is positively booming these days across all forms of media, so Netflix’s latest spin on a recognizable IP should draw in a solid-sized audience of all ages whenever it eventually arrives. Paramount’s live-action movie franchise delivers its second installment next year, looking to match the expectations and hype that come with following the popular opener, which went down in the history books as one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful video game adaptations ever made.

Not only that, but Sonic Rangers is expected to arrive on consoles next year, so there’s plenty to keep the title hero occupied for the foreseeable future. Sonic Prime hails from production companies Wild Brain and Man of Action Entertainment, who’ve got plenty of experience working in the realm of episodic animation. Besides that and the leaked concept art there’s not a whole lot else to go on, though, other than the fact 2022 is shaping up to be the year of the hedgehog.