Creepshow Panel Teases Gruesome New Monsters For Season 3


Shudder’s Creepshow has been a consistently enjoyable show for the past few years, even managing to add some animated specials during its COVID-19-hit 2020 season. The second run of the horror series arrived in April this year, and the third will be out on September 23rd, 2021. Anticipation for the return of the cult hit was stoked at Amazon’s [email protected] yesterday with a panel about what fans can expect from Creepshow going forward.

Showrunner Greg Nicotero, writer Mattie Do, guest cast members Michael Rooker and James Remar, as well as director Rusty Cundieff, were on hand to discuss what they’ve been working on. Nicotero revealed that Cundieff is adapting Joe Hill’s short story “Mums”, which will star Ethan Embry. In addition, Do talked about their Rooker-centric segment “Drug Traffic”, and how it draws on Southeast Asian traditions for its monster:

“We have this monster, typically female, that becomes extremely hungry, so its head detaches from the body and its entrails and heart hang from its neck. It eats you.”

The [email protected] event also confirmed that there’ll be six episodes to stream on Shudder in September, and that Reid Scott, Johnathon Schaech, and Hannah Fierman are guesting. Since launching in 2019, Creepshow has stayed true to its origins in George A. Romero and Stephen King’s 1982 movie, as well as bringing in a host of horror filmmakers and stars for gruesome, practical special effects-led tales that make excellent use of the anthology format.

Particular highlights include King adaptation “Gray Matter”, David Bruckner’s memorable “The Man in the Suitcase”, and The Evil Dead homage “Public Television of the Dead”. We’ve also received an animated take on King’s grisly “Survivor Type”, and plenty of classic genre references. Given the success of Creepshow for Shudder, who committed to the new season fairly early on, we can see the production continuing to be renewed for the immediate future.

All episodes of Creepshow released so far is available view on Shudder, while AMC will premiere the most recent run of stories on September 6th, ahead of the launch of the latest instalments by the horror platform on the 23rd.