Crew member spotted in ‘Moon Knight’ for the 2nd week in a row

Moon Knight
Image via Marvel

For some viewers of Marvel’s Moon Knight, the craziest twist in episode four was the ending, which you can read about here for those who have already seen it. For others, it’s the consistency with which the film’s production staff accidentally appear on-camera, with a crewmember’s leg being spotted on-camera just one week after a cameraman was caught in a scene.

An enhanced picture of the goof was tweeted by @MCU_Direct, the Marvel fan account for blog The Direct:

While not the most visible blooper – the shot’s brightness had to be greatly enhanced to clearly showcase the phantom limb – it is another example of Marvel’s inability to exercise the same strict discipline with its TV production division as its film division, following a major She-Hulk casting spoiler through a stunt performer’s resume.

While some might consider the consistency with which Moon Knight’s production crew accidentally appears on-camera to be another sign of Marvel studio’s increasingly lax standards, or perhaps the show’s sloppy approach to shooting and editing, another more positive view would be that perhaps the studio is generously helping its production crew to get their Screen Actors Guild membership.

But the good news for Moon Knight’s crew is that while they may not have the tightest frame discipline, they’re in good company with some of the biggest productions in Hollywood history. Movies where crew members make cameos include Saving Private Ryan, in which a camera unit is seen in-frame getting coverage for a battle scene; Jurassic Park in which a crew member’s hand can be seen helping a character break his fall; and Titanic, in which a camera operator caught himself in the reflection of a glass door: