‘Moon Knight’ gets its own Jeans Guy after cameraman spotted in action scene

Making shows and movies is hard work. You have to make the unbelievable look realistic, but in a way that immerses the viewer into the world, making them forget that they’re watching a work of fiction. Of course, slip-ups can still happen, and nowhere is this better seen than in the third episode of Moon Knight

During a chase through the streets of Egypt, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a cameraman standing in one of the doorways. If you want to spot this gaffe yourself, simply pause episode three of Moon Knight, “The Friendly Type,” at around 8:23 and look to the right of the frame.

This cameraman is holding a camera. It seems likely that the crew member is getting a front-on shot of the exciting chase. However, the crew member obviously doesn’t realize they’re visible. Of course, this was quickly spotted by fans, who took to social media to post about the error. This included one Twitter user who summed the incident up by tagging their tweet with the hashtag “Whoopsie.” 

This isn’t the first time a major Disney Plus show has had an error like this. In 2020 The Mandalorian went viral when a cameraman in jeans was spotted in the background of a shot. It quickly went viral, with the internet naming the unfortunate crew member “Jeans Guy” and creating several tributes and memes based on the character. However, Disney rectified the mistake, digitally removing the crew member from the episode. 

This isn’t the only time Disney or Marvel has made errors in their productions. Famously, during one episode of WandaVision, Paul Bettany’s regular, non-red arm could be seen during one scene. And, during the funeral scene of Avengers: Endgame, a boom can be seen slipping into the shot. Showing that mistakes do happen, even in the grandest productions. 

It remains to be seen whether Disney Plus will remove the unlucky crew member from the episode, and how long it will take them to do it. However, based on previous errors, this delightfully charming mistake will be gone sooner rather than later.