Criminal Minds’ 10 Most Memorable UnSubs (So Far)


The popular CBS procedural Criminal Minds will air its 200th episode tonight. That’s 200 hours of watching the FBI’s best and brightest, the Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU), pursue the most wretched examples of scum and villainy from one corner of the United States to the other.

Amongst the BAU’s quarries are serial killers, kidnappers, stalkers, terrorists and other predators, but on the occasion of the show’s bicentennial we asked ourselves, who are the worst of the worst in terms of the show’s Unknown Subjects, or UnSubs? Or, more to the point, which of the various UnSubs made a big enough impact to standout from the pact?

To celebrate the 200th episode tonight, we’re running down Criminal Minds‘ 10 most memorable UnSubs (so far).