Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 1’s Surprise Ending Explained

Arrow season 8

Crisis on Infinite Earths” finally kicked off last night with the airing of its first episode, which fell on Supergirl. And it didn’t disappoint, offering all the thrills, spills and drama that fans have been hoping for. What’s more, the epic opening hour concluded with an event we knew was coming but didn’t expect to happen so soon: the death of the Green Arrow, and here’s how it went down.

Part 1 saw the Arrowverse heroes assemble on Earth-38, as it came under threat from the anti-matter wave sweeping through the multiverse. By the end of the episode, the gang were fighting off the Anti-Monitor’s Shadow Demons as ships took the refugees of Earth-38 to safety on Earth-1. The Monitor rescued the rest of the heroes from the dying world, but Oliver Queen refused to leave until as many souls were rescued as possible.

Back on Earth-1, the heroes were devastated to see the Emerald Archer when he finally appeared, badly beaten and injured from his battle with the Shadow Demons. On the brink of death, he told Barry Allen and Kara Danvers about the deal he had made with the Monitor to swap his own life in exchange for theirs. He then bade farewell to his daughter Mia and told her to “keep me in your heart” before passing away.

All were heartbroken at this, with even the Monitor shocked by his demise. Mar-Novu usually sees all but he admitted that this was not the fate he had foreseen for Oliver. Nash Wells had also arrived on the scene, revealing that he’s now calling himself Pariah and has been sentenced to bear witness to the Anti-Monitor’s actions after freeing him (as seen in the sequence shown across the various series last week). Following the Monitor’s admission, Pariah notes that nothing is as it should be because the whole of reality is now doomed.

Be sure to catch “Crisis on Infinite Earths” tonight as it continues with its second episode over on Batwoman.