How Crisis On Infinite Earths Sets Up Superman & Lois Spinoff


Just hours before “Crisis on Infinite Earths” concluded, The CW officially ordered a full series of upcoming spinoff Superman & LoisThis proved to be fortuitous timing as the final episode of the Arrowverse crossover contained a major bit of set-up for the new show that should keep fans guessing for a while.

First of all, “Part 1” of the event established that the Kents have a boy named Jonathan. This lines up with contemporary comic book continuity. However, following the multiverse being rebooted, the Man of Steel – and the audience – was in for a big surprise. While flying, Clark gets a call from his wife who asks him to return to Metropolis to sort out “the boys.” Supes – who, curiously, appears to be out of the loop with the new status quo – has to ask what she means. Lois clarifies that she’s referring to “[his] sons.”

So, it seems that Jon now has a brother and Clark and Lois have another kid. This is a big change to Superman lore as the Kents have never had a second biological child in mainstream comics. Unless, of course, this other boy is one of the several adoptive kids the couple have had in the source material. Of the lot, my money would be on Christopher Kent AKA Lor-Zod, the son of General Zod who turned out a lot better than his dad thanks to being raised by Clark and Lois.

Casting calls have previously pointed to Superman & Lois starring two 14-year-old boys, one who possesses an “aw-shucks attitude” and the other who has “an inherent darkness” and suffers from “social anxiety.” It was assumed the first was Jon and the second was Damian Wayne, Bruce’s son, who typically team up as the Super-Sons. However, it now seems this is the mysterious other kid mentioned in “Crisis.”

Superman & Lois is set to debut on The CW during the 2020/21 season. The pilot is being filmed ahead of the May upfronts, though, so more info should come our way fairly soon.