New Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer Teases The Death Of Superman


Crisis on Infinite Earths” is obviously an adaptation of the classic comic book event of the same title, but it also looks set to draw from a few other famous DC storylines, as well. Kingdom Come is a big one, as both Brandon Routh’s Superman and Kevin Conroy’s Batman will be based on the older versions of those heroes from that tale. This latest trailer for the Arrowverse crossover reveals another influence on things, though: The Death of Superman. 

The promo above features a bunch of exciting fresh material, including Bruce Wayne speaking with his cousin Kate Kane, Earth-90’s Flash imparting some advice and Star Trek’s Will Wheaton as a crazy doomsayer. What’s most interesting, though, is the shot found at the 0:20 mark. It focuses on a TV news report which recreates an iconic comic book moment: Lois kneeling over a dead Man of Steel, his ruined cape blowing in the wind in the background.

So, what the heck’s going on here? That’s Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois, so are they going to kill off Tyler Hoechlin’s Supes? Probably not, as if you have a closer look at the actor playing this Superman, it’s definitely not Hoechlin. Despite Tulloch’s presence, this surely isn’t Earth-38 and this news footage is actually from another world, one where Lex Luthor succeeds in killing Kal-El (not Doomsday, as in the comics).

For proof that Hoechlin’s Clark Kent is going to be OK, there’s another clip in this trailer, too, that sees him and Lois attending to their baby boy, Jon. Remember, Hoechlin and Tulloch are due to star in the Superman & Lois spinoff that’s in the works, so they’re definitely not at risk in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” But R.I.P. random Superman, whoever you are.