The CW Boss Teases An Epic Supernatural Series Finale

Jensel Ackles Supernatural

As one of the longest-running series in recent memory, Supernatural fans are excited to see how the story of the Winchester brothers concludes this week in “Carry On.”

Of course, the penultimate episode, titled “Inherit the Earth,” pretty much depicted the big battle that the show was building towards all season. As it came to pass, God/Chuck revealed to the Winchesters that he intends to keep them alive so that they can live alone on Earth knowing that they failed to stop the Apocalypse. The brothers weren’t quite done, though. After several fights, first against Lucifer, then Michael, Sam and Dean manage to lure God into their trap, where Jack is able to drain his power and turn him into a mortal being. As the new God, Jack then turns the world back to normal.

Now that they’re finally free of Chuck’s influence, the Winchesters can write their own story. But a lot of people are wondering what the finale will depict given that the conflicts have all been wrapped up. Well, The CW president Mark Pedowitz has recently teased in a new interview that the last episode will be just as epic, saying:

“You say, ‘What can they do for the [series finale]?’ and let me tell you: They pull it off. It’s great, it’s just great. And to their credit, they gave a great goodbye to their fans at the very end of the show, so kudos to them.”

The 2-hour finale of Supernatural might turn out to be just as eventful as the previous outing, but in the words of showrunner Andrew Dabb, now that the mythology has been dealt with, the last chapter will be “a little bit more of an old-school episode,” focusing on the characters instead of the overarching narrative. And we can’t wait to see how the brothers will bow out in “Carry On.”