The CW Orders Up New Stephen King TV Show

Stephen King

The CW has announced that they’re developing a new Stephen King TV show called Revelations (a working title for now), which will be a one-hour drama based on King’s short story The Revelations of Becka Paulson. 

First published in Rolling Stone magazine in July 1984, the tale follows Becka Paulson, who accidentally shoots herself in the brain with a nail-gun. She miraculously survives, but post-injury she suffers vivid hallucinations and soon believes she’s been recruited by Jesus Christ as his “chosen one.” The hallucinatory Christ then tasks her with stopping the apocalypse by proving that Earth is worth saving.

King’s story is being adapted by Maisie Culver (Last Man Standing), Katie Lovejoy (Dead Inside) and Warner Bros TV. As yet, however, there are no details on casting, when the shoot will begin, or whether the initial one-hour drama could be expanded into a full season.

Interestingly, The Revelations of Becka Paulson has previously been adapted for television. The mid-90s The Outer Limits TV show featured the story in its third season, where it was scripted by Stargate SG-1 creator Brad Wright.

We’ll be sure to bring you more on Revelations as we hear it, but the big Stephen King TV event for 2020 is going to be the upcoming CBS adaptation of The StandOne of King’s best novels, this is an epic post-apocalyptic adventure set in a world where a deadly flu has wiped out most of the world’s population. Of course, back when this was being shot in 2019, the producers couldn’t have predicted the devastating effects of COVID-19, but it’s now material that’s looking very timely.

That’ll air as a ten-hour season on CBS All Access later this year and boasts a final episode with a new ending written by King himself. No word on a trailer or precise release date yet, but I’m thinking we’ll get a good look at The Stand sooner rather than later.