The CW Orders Up New Lost Boys TV Show Pilot


According to Deadline, The CW is giving it another go with The Lost Boys. While there was a previous attempt to produce a pilot for a show, directed by Twilight‘s Catherine Hardwicke, it didn’t meet expectations. Now, however, The CW is trying again, recasting everyone and letting other people take a stab at writing and directing.

Sticking to folks they know, CW series veteran Marcos Siega, who previously directed the pilots for both Batwoman and The Vampire Diaries, will be stepping back up to the plate to deliver another slice of teenage angst to this dark vampire series. Rob Thomas, meanwhile, most famous for Veronica Mars, is co-writing the script with Heather Mitchell, as well as producing the show. He’s also claimed that the retooling of the pilot is not extensive, so they must have gotten pretty close the first time around.

Spoken as someone who isn’t exactly a CW fan, I feel like The Lost Boys is actually a pretty good fit, genre and subject-wise, for the channel. It’s got that teenage angst going for it and it has the potential to be all TV-PG sexy, with some abs and belly buttons and whatever. Vampires are supposed to be hot and alluring and what’s more alluring than a 25-year-old playing a 17-year-old? I mean, to be fair, Joel Schumacher’s original 1987 film was already pretty horny, so I’m not trying to be catty or anything.

Also, with Rob Thomas at the helm, it definitely seems like this series has the potential to be something more than your typical disposable fare from the channel. Not to mention it’ll be cool to see a CW show that isn’t connected to every other CW show, meaning it’ll actually be accessible. Bring on the vampires, man. Make me one of them Lost Boys, why not?

Source: Deadline