The CW Reveals When The Flash Returns From Its Temporary Hiatus

The Flash

Earlier this week, we got some news that left Arrowverse fans frustrated. Excepting the two episodes that aired last night, The CW has pulled all upcoming installments of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow from the slate, with their next few Tuesday slots being filled with reruns of recent episodes. And though we’re still in the dark – or Darhk – over when LoT will return, we now know when to expect the Scarlet Speedster to race back to our screens.

The preview for the following episode, titled “So Long and Goodnight,” revealed that The Flash will return for new adventures from April 7th. All in all, that’s not as bad as it could be. The CW had already scheduled the show to take a week off on Tuesday the 24th, so it’s only really being pushed back a week. Of course, we still don’t know exactly how the schedule will run after that. It could be that new episodes roll out weekly from then on, or we’ll have to get used to some stopping and starting.

As for Legends, we can assume that it’ll return around a similar date to The FlashLoT has been harder hit than its sister series by this delay as the time-traveling show wasn’t due a break for the rest of the month, so it’s being held back at least two weeks. Possibly more if it doesn’t end up returning on the 7th. The next entry in season 5 is”Zari, Not Zari,” which will finally feature an Arrowverse/Supernatural crossover, so it’s particularly cruel that we’re having to wait for it.

Though no official reason has been given for the hold-up with the broadcast dates, it’s obvious that it stems from production on many of The CW’s series being put on indefinite hold during the coronavirus outbreak. It’s believed shooting could kick off again in a month though, so delaying the release of the next few episodes should hopefully prevent there being a serious drought of Arrowverse content in a few weeks’ time.