The CW Cancels New Flash And Legends Of Tomorrow Episodes For Next 2 Weeks

The Flash

Bad news, Arrowverse fans – The CW has pushed back a bunch of episodes of both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow that were scheduled to drop over the next couple of weeks. Though two new episodes will air tonight, as planned, all other installments of the two DC TV series intended to air this March have been removed from listings.

Next Tuesday, March 24th, was supposed to see the airing of the eighth episode of Legends season 5, titled “Zari, Not Zari.” However, this has been stripped from the schedule and replaced with a rerun of “A Head of Her Time,” which first broadcast last month. Likewise, episode 5×09 “The Great British Fake-Off” was lined up to follow on March 31st, but its slot will now be filled by another recent outing, “Mortal Khanbat.”

As for The Flash, the Scarlet Speedster’s show was already set to skip a week next Tuesday, anyway, so only one episode has been pushed back at present. Season 6, episode 16, titled “So Long and Goodnight,” would’ve aired on March 31st. Instead, a rerun of February’s “Grodd Friended Me” will be shown.

No official reason was given alongside this news, but you don’t need to be a detective of Ralph Dibny’s caliber to know why this has happened. Earlier this week, The CW revealed that it was closing down production indefinitely on many of its hit series in response to the coronavirus outbreak. With it currently unclear exactly when things can get back to normal, the network is clearly worried about running out of new episodes too quickly, so is holding back those of Flash and Legends that are already in the can.

To reiterate, brand new outings of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are still airing tonight (March 17th) on The CW. Don’t miss them, either, as they’re two key episodes – the saga of Reverse-Flash’s return continues on the former, while the latter reaches Brandon Routh’s landmark final appearance.