The CW Not Ruling Out Swamp Thing Season 2


DC Universe did Swamp Thing dirty. The series premiered on the streaming service last summer to decent fanfare, though any sense of momentum the show might have built was stopped when it was cancelled immediately after the first episode aired. That killer blow came after the series had already had its thirteen episode run cut to just ten back in April 2019, with WarnerMedia citing “creative differences” as the reason.

It later emerged that the real reason the show received such shoddy treatment wasn’t anything to do with its quality or viewing figures, but that North Carolina had unexpectedly reduced their tax rebates for the first season, meaning it came in way over budget.

But now there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon for Swamp Thing. The CW has acquired the rights to the show and will screen it this summer. Even better, the network’s president, Mark Pedowitz, has raised hope that the story may continue. He was recently asked in an interview what the chances of a second season were and said:

“At the moment, it’s just the one season. I do not know if it would come back. Obviously, that would be a discussion for Warner Bros. and the CW. But at this time, Swamp Thing is just the episodes we have.”

So, not exactly a tease, but more an acknowledgement that it’s at least possible that Swamp Thing could continue. And if it did, this would greatly please the show’s fans, who’ve launched a #SaveSwampThing campaign on social media.

Swamp Thing season 2 would likely be folded into The CW’s growing multiverse, as the character even made a brief cameo appearance in the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event, with the voiceover subtly referencing the show’s problems by saying “civilizations rose…and fell” over a shot of the character.

Here’s hoping Swamp Thing germinates on The CW once again. The existing ten episodes are excellent and the show was treated very unfairly by its original network. Let’s give Swampy a chance to put down some roots this time.