Daredevil fans go wild after Kevin Feige confirms Charlie Cox return

Image via Netflix

Kevin Feige has become arguably the best in the business at giving lengthy and details answers without actually divulging much in the way of concrete information, so it came as a shock to hear the architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe admit that if and when Daredevil returns to the franchise, he’ll be played by Charlie Cox.

Naturally, that’s been music to the ears of fans everywhere, with the rampant campaigns and petitions being vindicated at long last, even though they were obviously never a factor behind Feige’s thinking. Maybe he wanted to avoid any more leaks ahead of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which has been touted as the destination for Cox’s re-debut, or perhaps he simply grew tired of constantly being asked about it.

Either way, as you can see from the reactions below, the internet lost its collective mind after the company’s Chief Creative Officer finally let the cat out of the bag.

A single soundbite from Feige has been over three years in the making, so you can completely understand why everybody’s so pumped about it. With Spider-Man: No Way Home coming to theaters at the end of next week, the question now on everyone’s lips is whether or not Cox is actually part of the movie, but the chances are stronger than ever before.