Vincent D’Onofrio Backs Final Campaign To Revive Daredevil For Season 4


We’re just two days away from the rights to Daredevil lapsing back into the hands of Marvel Studios, and fans have launched one last ditch campaign in an effort to try and convince Kevin Feige that the best way to reboot the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is to continue where the cancelled Netflix series left off.

The architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps his finger on the pulse of popular culture, so he’s no doubt keenly aware that people would much rather see Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin return than have the roles recast. After all, there would be an inevitable outbreak of backlash and fury online if Daredevil was brought back to our screens without the central duo’s involvement, especially when D’Onofrio has been incredibly vocal in his desire to continue on as Wilson Fisk.

Ever since the Netflix series was first pulled from the airwaves, the actor has consistently lent his support towards the calls to revive Daredevil, as well as making it abundantly clear that he believes the role belongs to him. Not only that, but the 61 year-old even put himself forward as a contender to join the MCU’s Spider-Man 3, so he’s obviously got no intention of going down without a fight.

Now, the Full Metal Jacket and Men in Black star has rallied his social media followers and urged them to sign a petition to save Daredevil before the clock strikes midnight on Sunday, as you can see below.

The petition is fast closing in on 400,000 signatures, but as we’ve seen countless times before, these sort of campaigns don’t mean a thing in the long run. However, Feige and Marvel will know full well that they’ve got a phenomenal villain at their disposal who’s ready and willing to return whenever Daredevil and Kingpin eventually make their way to the studio’s shared universe.