Daredevil Fans Launch Final Campaign To Revive The Show Before Marvel Get The Rights


Monday marks the two-year anniversary of Daredevil being canceled by Netflix, meaning that the rights are widely expected to revert back to Marvel Studios as per the licensing agreement that was initially struck for the streaming service to develop a slate of projects based on the Defenders. And given that he’s the biggest name of the bunch in terms of popularity, the Man Without Fear has been the subject of constant speculation that he could become an integral part of Kevin Feige’s shared universe.

Daredevil was arguably the best of Netflix’s superhero shows, and was definitely positioned as the marquee title in the lineup, with fans launching several campaigns in an attempt to have it brought back for a fourth season. Of course, petitions rarely if ever succeed in their goals, but even the stars themselves were of the opinion that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen was pulled from the platform far too soon.

In one final push, the fanbase are now once again trying to drum up support for a Daredevil revival in the hopes that they can generate enough visibility for Feige himself to take notice and continue the story of Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk as part of the MCU, and you can check out some of the reactions from Twitter down below.

D’Onofrio in particular has been very vocal about his desire to continue playing Kingpin, and as one of the franchise’s best villains in any movie or TV show, it would be a most welcome move to bring him back. Of course, that’s all dependent on Feige even having any sort of vested interest in Daredevil, but the Marvel Studios head hocho is rumored to be a huge fan of the series, and folks would be overjoyed if the MCU picked up where Netflix left off.