Vincent D’Onofrio Says The Role Of Kingpin Belongs To Him


Kevin Feige may have wiped the slate clean when he confirmed that none of the previous Marvel TV series are considered canon, with the official line of Marvel Cinematic Universe shows set to begin whenever The Falcon and the Winter Soldier eventually lands on Disney Plus, but that hasn’t stopped rumors swirling that some of the previous stars could be set to reprise their roles.

As Netflix’s marquee superhero series that starred the Defenders’ most recognizable character in the lead role, Daredevil is widely expected to be the first to be rebooted and absorbed into the MCU. While there’s been widespread speculation that Charlie Cox could be kept on as the Man Without Fear, fans would be just as happy and arguably even more thrilled if Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin was to return to their screens.

The actor was the highlight of Daredevil‘s entire run with his layered and multi-dimensional performance as Wilson Fisk, and fully deserves to be in the conversation when it comes to naming Marvel’s greatest live-action villains. And along with hearsay that the studio want to bring him back, the 61 year-old has never refused to rule it out, either.

In fact, in a recent interview, D’Onofrio only added more fuel to the fire when he admitted that he feels like the role of Kingpin belongs to him, and he’d consider any offer that came his way to play the character again.

“I feel very close to that character. I do have to say, I do feel like that character is mine and it’s only because I played him for those three seasons and was so close with him. I do feel very close to that character just for like nostalgia, and just connected to that character through my performance. So I think that any offer to play him again would be, I would definitely have a really good look at for sure.”

WWE wrestler The Big Show may have said he’ll actively be pursuing the part of Kingpin should it become available, but if the crime boss does end up heading back to the MCU, if anyone other than D’Onofrio’s cast then the fans will no doubt unanimously reject the decision.