Fans Launch Campaign For Netflix To Renew Daredevil For Season 4


Now that Luke Cage and Marvel’s Iron Fist are no more, Netflix subscribers are beginning to fret over the future – or lack thereof – of Daredevil.

Up until now, the Powers That Be have been strangely quiet about Matt Murdock’s immediate future on the streaming service. We know series showrunner Erik Oleson has already pitched his vision for Daredevil season 4 though, which presumably revolves around the Man Without Fear and his quest to take down a fully-costumed Bullseye.

It certainly makes sense, too, as FBI agent Ben Poindexter was arguably one of the stronger components of Daredevil season 3, even forging an unlikely alliance with Wilson Fisk once the Kingpin’s web of corruption began to consume Hell’s Kitchen. So what gives? Why hasn’t Netflix issued the green light on a fourth season?

It’s impossible to know for sure, but fans can at least take solace in the fact that ardent Marvelites are now starting to petition Netflix, beginning with the following tweet:

This social media post in itself is unlikely to move mountains (for what it’s worth, there’s also a website), but if it gets the message out, the demand for Daredevil season 4 will invariably gain some traction. It’ll need it, too, as viewership for Marvel’s suite of Netflix shows has been down across the board – everyone from The Punisher to Jessica Jones has been affected, though only Luke Cage and Iron Fist (and technically The Defenders) have paid the ultimate price.

Whether Daredevil will suffer the same fate will be told in time, but for now, you can voice your support of the Man Without Fear by signing the above petition and/or giving it a signal boost on Twitter. Because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to see Matt Murdock go head-to-head with a comic-accurate Bullseye?