Daredevil Will Reportedly Have A New Love Interest In MCU


The majority of Daredevil‘s most famous stories on the page feature Elektra in some fashion, and she’s a hugely popular character in her own right, so it was only natural that the relationship between the two was brought over into both live-action adaptations of the Man Without Fear.

Jennifer Garner played the role in Ben Affleck’s 2003 effort and went on to headline her own spinoff, which was a critical and commercial disaster that helped set the viability of the female-driven comic book adaptation back by a decade alongside Halle Berry’s Catwoman. Elodie Young, meanwhile, portrayed her for Netflix, and while the episodic format gave her much more time to put her own stamp on Elektra, she eventually became bogged down in the interminable Hand subplot that seemed to go on forever.

Everyone seems to be expecting Charlie Cox to reprise the role of Daredevil in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with many rumors indicating it could happen as soon as December’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, but tipster Mikey Sutton reports that Elektra won’t be his love interest when he makes his return to the fold. Instead, it’ll be Echo.

As per Sutton’s information, Cox is being lined up to play either a cameo or small supporting role in the heroine’s Disney Plus series, which was announced last month and will follow Alaqua Cox’s deaf superhero Maya Lopez, with the actress set to make her MCU debut this year as part of Hawkeye‘s supporting cast. Echo made her first Marvel Comics appearance in a 1999 issue of Daredevil before the two eventually struck up a romance, so there’s plenty of source material to draw from for inspiration should the studio end up heading in this particular creative direction.