Hawkeye Adds Black Widow Star And 5 More To Its Cast


Hailee Steinfeld was reportedly cast as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Kate Bishop several months ago, but the studio have yet to officially confirm the 23 year-old’s involvement in Hawkeye despite the Disney Plus series having started production this week, with various grainy videos making the rounds online that show the actress on set in New York City.

Marvel may be taking their time in announcing the leading lady, but the rest of the supporting cast is starting to fill out nicely. Black Widow star Florence Pugh, who we learned at the beginning of the year would become a recurring figure on the small screen and has been heavily linked with Hawkeye over the last week, will return to the MCU along with several new faces.

The most notable addition is The Conjuring‘s Vera Farmiga, and the Academy Award nominee will play Kate’s mother Eleanor Bishop. Better Call Saul star Tony Dalton is also onboard as Jack Duquesne, who comic book fans will recognize as Clint Barton’s mentor Swordsman. Les Miserables‘ Fra Free, meanwhile, will suit up as Kazimierz Kazimierczak, who for the benefit of autocorrect purposes will probably go by his alter-ego Clown, a relatively obscure mercenary from Marvel history.

Newcomer Alaqua Cox has also been cast and will play deaf Native American superhero Echo, with Bone Tomahawk and Westworld‘s Zahn McClarnon set to portray her father William Lopez, which could tie into what we’ve heard about Jeremy Renner’s Clint possibly losing his hearing. That’s an exciting roster of talent assembled for Hawkeye, and with shooting now underway, it shouldn’t be too long until more set photos start making their way online to give us a better look at the upcoming MCU show.