First Daredevil Season 2 Set Photos Arrive As Production Begins

Production has officially begun on the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil, and the inevitable leaked set photos have already started pouring in. We didn’t see a lot of them from last year’s shoot, but thanks to the show’s immense popularity due to a stunning first season, that’s likely to change – especially with fan-favorite characters like The Punisher making their way to Hell’s Kitchen this time around.

Unfortunately, this first batch of photos isn’t that exciting, as they show the law abiding “avocados at law,” Nelson & Murdock, walking the streets of East Harlem. Still, if you’re someone itching for the series to return, these may help tide you over – at least until the first footage from Marvel’s next Netflix endeavor, Jessica Jones, arrives.


Not much is yet known about the direction of season two, though the Punisher is expected to be a major adversary for the Man Without Fear, especially now that Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk is behind bars. It’s also been revealed that the working title for season 2 is “Ringside,” an obvious nod to Matt Murdock’s boxing-filled past.

Daredevil does not have a return date just yet, but is expected to arrive on Netflix next spring.