It’s Back To Basics For Matt Murdock In New Daredevil Season 3 Photos


Matt Murdock is officially going back to his roots – fitting, really, given Daredevil season 3 has been hailed as a loose adaptation of Frank Miller’s incredible “Born Again” comic.

That means next month’s installment picks up soon after The Defenders left off. If you’re in need of a recap, well, let’s just say Charlie Cox’s brooding hero survived only by the skin of his teeth, leading to a prolonged recovery process under the watchful eye of Sister Maggie (Joanne Whalley).

Such a close brush with death has only galvanized Murdock, which was perhaps the biggest takeaway from season 3’s initial teaser trailer featuring a bruised and battered Daredevil musing over vengeance, death and the letter of the law. This theme has also been woven into today’s all-new gallery, in which you’ll find a number of shots of Matt Murdock reverting back to his classic black ensemble from season 1.

The Man Without Fear has returned, it seems:

Wilson Fisk isn’t too far behind, either, considering the other two photos reveal Vincent D’Onofrio’s big bad exerting his dominance as the Kingpin. The inclusion of a prison shot may well hint at the use of flashbacks, too, as Daredevil season 2 paid a visit to Fisk just before D’Onofrio forged an unlikely alliance with The Punisher.

He’ll be making up for lost time, then, and based on early reviews, Daredevil‘s third season heralds a true return to form for the Netflix/Marvel roster, which is just as well given how Iron Fist season 2 left a lot to be desired.

Can the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen live up to expectations? We’ll find out when Daredevil returns to Netflix for another 13 episodes of blood, drama and corridor fight scenes on October 19th.