Expect Another Awesome Hallway Fight Scene In Daredevil Season 3


Two seasons, two equally astounding hallway fight scenes.

We are, of course, referring to Marvel’s Daredevil, the Netflix series in which Matt Murdock spends his nights as a masked vigilante cleaning up the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.

There is one scene, in particular, from Daredevil season 1 that showcases Murdock’s sheer endurance, as the camera glides between one side of the hallway and the other. It’s a single-take shot, and a pretty remarkable one at that, given Matt Murdock himself, Charlie Cox, admitted that it took precisely 11 takes in order to nail the corridor fight scene of Daredevil season 1.

And with a new installment on the horizon (next month, perhaps?), Cox has confirmed plans for yet another hallway fight scene – only this time, it’ll harken back to that classic scene from the first season.

The one thing that I am excited about is that we do have a scene in the show that is an homage to the corridor scene from series one. I’m very excited about the fans to see that.

The aforementioned bust-up was so expertly choreographed, it’s become something of a Netflix tradition to include a hallway fight scene in each one of its Marvel shows – case in point, The Defenders miniseries. Even Daredevil’s second season got in on the fun, albeit with an added stairway brawl just to keep things fresh.

Alas, Charlie Cox stopped short of revealing too much, too soon when it comes to Daredevil season 3, but Netflix subscribers can feel confident that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen will be back on our screens sometime before the year’s end. And this time, he’s baying for blood, on the belief that he’d rather die as the devil than live as Matt Murdock. So dark! Are you sure you’re not from the DC Universe?