The 10 Most Significant Easter Eggs Of Daredevil Season 2


Apart from the great drama, Daredevil’s first season was a real treat for comics fans as it was stuffed full of references to the character’s source material. Everything from the gritty acclaimed work of Frank Miller to the Matt Murdock’s wackier early days were nodded to in the series.

Season two, however, is certainly a lot less stuffed with easter eggs and references to the comics – which is something that is to be expected as the show builds up its own storyline and mythology. However, there are still plenty of nods to characters and events from Daredevil’s long history within the show. What with so many big players around this season – The Punisher, Elektra, the Hand – there were always going to be.


So, we’ve managed to whittle it down to just the 10 most significant, either in terms of how they related to something big in the source material or if we think they are hinting at something which will be important as the show goes on.

If you spotted anything that we missed, feel free to head on over to the comments and leave it there. Oh, and don’t read on unless you’re completely up to date, as there will definitely be spoilers.