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‘Daredevil’ star wants the exact same ‘She-Hulk’ reunion we all do

The stars are just as desperate to see it happen as the fans are.

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After Matt Murdock’s double outing on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, fans are clamoring to see the couple reunited in Daredevil: Born Again. This is a sentiment shared not only by the fans but the actors themselves, with Charlie Cox also on board with the idea, though he reminds us it’s really not up to him.

The much-anticipated return of the horned vigilante was a victorious one, and not just for the audience. After meeting one another in a professional setting, personal setting, and finally whilst doing heroic deeds together, the two read the palpable vibes they are giving off for one another leading to them back to Jen’s. Fans were delighted to see two of Marvel’s more “romantic” heroes get together, and were equally thrilled to see Daredevil do the walk of shame the next day, suited and not booted.

Matt then reappeared in the final episode, thanks to Jen’s little chat with K.E.V.I.N, where he came in too late to save the day but not too late to join in on a family barbecue over at the Walters residence. Fans loved the couple together, with the chemistry off the charts, which has led to them begging Marvel studios to see the two together further down the line. Heck even the director of She-Hulk is hoping they can make that happen.

Tatiana Maslany is so keen on the idea that she hopes to put pressure on those involved in Daredevil: Born Again to see if they can find a way to make this happen. Speaking on that matter to The Hollywood Reporter Cox replied, “I just love the idea that you or her or anyone thinks that I have casting abilities” before continuing on.

“Listen, I could not be more enthused by that idea. I really hope that it happens. I’m also very sheepish about talking about any casting or any characters, because I don’t want to say something that then becomes a news story and kind of influences the writers in a way. I like to let them do their job, and I’ll do mine.

He has high praise for his co-star and onscreen romantic partner, and knows that if she were to step into his world this time, she would do a fantastic job.

“I had such fun working with [Tatiana]. I happen to think she’s one of the great actors of our generation. So that, in and of itself, as well as being a lovely person, it was just such a thrill and a joy to work with her. So I would absolutely love that, but who knows? We’ll have to see. We’ve got 18 episodes for it to happen, so maybe.”

It’s great to know that there are those at Marvel that are also rooting for the characters to reunite but until K.E.V.I.N, sorry Kevin Feige, agrees to it, it’s merely a prayer and a wish for now.

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