Charlie Cox Still Hoping For A Daredevil And Spider-Man Team-Up


Daredevil might be dead, but the star of the Netflix series is still hoping to cross paths with another Marvel superhero at some point. Charlie Cox has never been shy about voicing his enthusiasm for a potential crossover with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in an MCU movie and, even though his show was cancelled after just three seasons, the British actor has still got his fingers crossed.

While attending ACE Comic-Con Arizona over the weekend, Cox was asked the perennial question of which Marvel hero he’d like to team up with. Before he gave his answer, he made clear that he sadly doesn’t see a way that his dream choice is feasibly possible and that he doesn’t want his opinion being misconstrued as something that’s actually happening. That being said, here’s what he had to offer up:

“I mean, this is so crazy, it would never, it would never happen, probably, it’s almost impossible to imagine… and I always feel like I have to say that, because sometimes I say things, I answer these kind of questions and then the Internet takes it as the word of God that this is happening [laughs]. ‘Charlie confirms.’”

With that out the way, the star confirmed that he’d love to protect New York with the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. After all, Spidey and the Hornhead have a long history of partnering up and saving each other’s hides in the comics. Cox even referenced one of his favorite examples.

“But I really like the Daredevil Spider-Man stuff in the comics, really fun. There’s one issue in particular where Matt Murdock proves that he’s not Daredevil because Daredevil shows up in the court room, and of course it’s Peter Parker wearing the Daredevil suit, which is such a lame alibi [laughs]. But it would be so cool to do, you know, something like that. And I think Tom Holland is an amazing Spider-Man.”

The actor definitely knows his stuff. He’s talking about 2001’s Daredevil (Vol. 2) #25 here, and he’s right, as this sort of thing would be amazing to see on-screen. However, as much as fans might want Daredevil and the rest of the Defenders to make the leap to cinemas, it looks like contractual obligations will keep that from happening.

Even though Netflix has cancelled most of their Marvel shows – with Jessica Jones and The Punisher surely soon to follow – Kevin Feige and co. can’t use the characters for a further two years after this point. Even after that, word has it that the studio will likely just reboot Daredevil and the rest and start from scratch. But who knows? Anything can happen in the Marvel universe, so we may end up getting that DD/Spidey team-up, after all.