Darkseid Limited Series Reportedly Being Discussed At HBO Max

Justice League

Zack Snyder’s Justice League definitely satisfied hardcore DC fans more than the theatrical cut. For one, Darkseid got to grab a fair chunk of the screen time, with Ray Porter’s ruler of Apokolips cutting a fearsome figure. The final montage even teased his takeover of Earth in the Knightmare timeline. And while Snyder has openly admitted that it’s unlikely he’ll get to make Justice League 2, Darkseid’s story may continue in the form of his own HBO Max series.

Geekosity is reporting that WB has talked about a limited streaming show starring the one formally known as Uxas. Rather than picking up where Justice League left off, however, it would be “a kind of origin story.” The outlet notes that it’s unclear which period of his life it’d cover, but it’d definitely take place prior to the events of JL. Going by the comics, presumably it would explore how the villain usurped the throne to his hellish homeworld and acquired his Omega energy powers.

Geekosity has likewise clarified that this Darkseid show wouldn’t have anything to do with the cancelled New Gods movie from Ava DuVernay. Whereas that was set to have rebooted the Fourth World mythos in the DCEU, this limited series would take place in the SnyderVerse. Having said, that, there’s no indication that Snyder himself will be invited back to be involved with this project.

As it sounds, then, HBO Max isn’t being fuelled by any desire to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse with this series. Apparently, execs are simply looking for a DC villain show that could enjoy similar popularity and acclaim to major rival Disney Plus’ Loki. Again, it seems like this is just a concept being thrown around behind the scenes right now and is far from actually receiving a greenlight. If this Darkseid series did go ahead, though, the studio might need to find another great storyteller to helm it, otherwise fans could get angry with it happening in place of both Snyder and DuVernay’s versions.