Darth Maul Animated Series Reportedly Originated As A Live-Action Project

Darth Maul glares at the camera
Via Lucasfilm/Disney

Yesterday brought the news that an animated Star Wars series focusing on Darth Maul was reportedly in the works for Disney Plus, which would act as a prequel to anthology spinoff Solo and may even arrive under the title of Crimson Dawn, tying it even closer to the sci-fi saga’s criminal underworld that was teased but never fully explored.

As one of the franchise’s most iconic figures of the modern era, Maul has constantly found himself touted for a live-action return in either an upcoming movie or streaming show, but fans would be thrilled to see the dual-wielding Sith back on their screens in any capacity.

In a follow up from LRM Online, the outlet reveals that the project may have originated as a live-action endeavor before being refitted for animation, with the string of controversies swirling around regular star Ray Park cited as a potential reason as to why The Clone Wars alumni Sam Witwer, Dee Bradley Baker and Matt Lanter have been named as expected cast members, with Paul Bettany the only presumed holdover from Solo.

Fans have been campaigning to see a Solo sequel for years, and while that doesn’t seem very high on Lucasfilm’s to-do list, an animated story following the Crimson Dawn and Darth Maul should be deemed a more than acceptable substitute.