Darth Revan Rumored To Make Live-Action Star Wars Debut In Upcoming Disney Plus Show

Darth Revan Star wars knights of the old republic

The name Darth Revan might not mean too much to folks that are relatively new to the Star Wars fandom, but despite what the gatekeepers may tell you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The massively popular character was created for 2003’s classic video game Knights of the Old Republic, and has since gone on to become a featured part of the extended lore.

A former Jedi who lived through the Old Republic era thousands of years before George Lucas’ original trilogy was set, Revan turned to the Dark Side and became one of the most powerful Sith in history. Given his backstory that sees him play both sides of the Force, attempt to conquer the galaxy, lose his memory and much more, there’s limitless potential in transplanting him to live-action.

The Rise of Skywalker brought him into official canon, and there were subtle hints made to his history in The Mandalorian, too, so it was inevitable he’d be rumored as a prime candidate for the Disney Plus treatment. Sure enough, the latest report claims that we’ll be introduced to Darth Revan via hologram in upcoming series The Acolyte, which will apparently tease a solo project in the same fashion as Ahsoka Tano’s one-episode stint in The Mandalorian that doubled as a backdoor pilot.

“If you’re a fan of Knights of the Old Republic, Darth Revan will be coming back into canon very soon in something Disney+ related. There’s going to be a big push for Sith characters post-Mando. That’s going to be Disney’s big Disney Plus slate, starting with The Acolyte. I know for sure there is concept art out there of [Revan] in a hologram, which I believe is for Acolyte. It will kind of tease his own series eventually.”

Obviously, the timelines don’t really match up, with The Acolyte being set during the tail end of the High Republic era, which comes hundreds of years after the Old Republic falls, but it would only take a little bit of creative license and some smart storytelling to have it happen and make sense within the context of the Disney Plus Star Wars timeline. And frankly, we can’t wait to see it.